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Expo Router

Expo recently announced an experimental new routing system which lets you use file-system based routing in native apps. The API is very Next.js- and Remix-esque. I view it as the future of cross-platform routing.

To use Solito with Expo Router, you'll need to follow their Getting Started guide. These steps should be done inside of apps/expo in your Solito project.

Once those steps are done, you're good to go. You can create files inside of apps/expo/app to use file system routing on iOS and Android. Solito's useLink hook and Link component will work like always.

Starter app

Run this from the terminal to get a Solito + Expo Router project.

npx create-solito-app@latest -t with-expo-router
npx create-solito-app@latest -t with-expo-router

In an existing app

To use Expo Router in an existing Solito project, you'll have to remove the Navigation provider from packages/app/providers/index.tsx. Expo Router will provide this context for you, reducing boilerplate.

You also need to remove any @react-navigation packages from your package.json files to avoid conflicts.